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William Neill

"I photograph to explore the beauty of wild places. I'm still trying to ask new questions and find new ways of expressing what I see. I want to put a fresh face on classic landscape images. My primary approach is to see and feel deeply, and then convey my emotional response in the photograph. I don't always have a photograph in mind, but I always have photography in mind."

William Neill looks for the spirit of the land and the essence of nature in his work. Although much of his time is spent photographing around his home in Yosemite, he also has a passion for India and the Himalayas. He has won both the Ansel Adams Award and the National Park Service's Director Award. His work has appeared in numerous publications like National Geographic, Smithsonian, Outside, Condé Nast Traveler and Audubon. He has published eight books; the most recent are digital editions of Impressions of Light and Landscapes of the Spirit. William writes an Outdoor Photographer column, hosts a photoblog on nature and landscape photography, and has been honored as a Canon "Explorer of Light."



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