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Featured Pro Photographer: Brian Smith (Photo of Kelsey Grammer)

Brian Smith

Photographer Q & A

Describe the moment or event that inspired your decision to become a photographer.

I was hooked at 20 when my first published magazine photograph ran in LIFE magazine.

What is your favorite photography tip to share with other photographers?

Shoot what you love to shoot.

Favorite photography book and why?

Albert Watson's Maroc is one of my favorite photography books on many levels - photography, design, printing and subject matter are all flawless....

Most unusual item you keep in your camera bag?

Nothing unusual. I just added a pair of SOUL by Ludacris SL99 High-Def Sound Isolation In-Ear Headphones that I love for those long plane trips.

What's the best advice you ever received from a fellow photographer?

If you're going to put ice in your drink in Haiti, make sure the rum is at least 80 proof.

Name a geographical place that you'd love to return to or go to for an assignment.

Morocco. Fascinating and simply beautiful...

What photography project or assignment has been most meaningful for you and why?

My first book, ART & SOUL, in partnership with The Creative Coalition and Sony, just came out. The book pairs my portraits of 123 celebrities with their hand-written testimonials about the importance of the arts. Probably the best project I've ever done. Everyone really responded because the shoot was about the arts. I learned that it's better sometimes not to over-think things and just roll with it.

If you could publish a book on any photographic subject, what would it be?

My First Billion Dollars...

What's in your camera bag right now?

  • Sony a900
  • Sony a77
  • Sony CZ 24-70/2.8
  • Sony CZ 16-35/2.8
  • Sony CZ 85/1.4
  • Sony CZ 135/1.8
  • Sony G 70-400/4-5.6
  • Sony NEX-5N
  • Voightlander 50/1.1
  • Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35

  • What do you love about your Lowepro bag(s)?

    Nothing beats updating a classic, so I L-O-V-E that the new Pro Messenger AW line was able to get an old-school, classic canvas feel from the latest space-age fabric. It's a total 007—like a great grey flannel suit that's also bullet-proof...

    Visit Brian Smith's web site for a gallery view of his amazing celebrity portraits; read his blog; and get more details on his newest book that profiles artists and their love for the arts at these sites:

    Brian's Lowepro gear includes:

  • Pro Roller x200
  • Classified 250 AW
  • Stealth Reporter D650 AW
  • Pro Messenger 200 AW

  • Pro Photographer Video

    Featured Pro Photographer Brian Smith

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    Brian's Website
    Brian's Blog

    Featured Pro Photographer: Brian Smith

    Featured Pro Photographer: Brian Smith

    Celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith has captured the faces of the famous and infamous. He's a Pulitzer Prize winner and Sony Artisan of Imagery who's appeared on X Factor, exhibited at the Library on Congress, had cupcakes with Anne Hathaway and gotten drunk with George Clooney. His photography is syndicated by Corbis Outline and can be found on his web site and blog (briansmith.com and briansmith.com/blog).

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