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Craig Pulsifer - Watertight

DryZone 200


Craig Pulsifer with DryZone 200: Waterfall

Earlier this year, while covering a story about 'at risk' children in the Phillippines, Craig Pulsifer headed east from Manila to get some shots of our DryZone® pack. Things didn't go quite as planned, however.

We recently posted a link to a cool video shot by Craig Pulsifer on our Facebook page. As it turns out, the video back-story is almost as interesting as the reel itself.

Craig was in the Philippines shooting a self-funded documentary about hopeful solutions for at-risk kids among Manila's urban poor. In more posh locations, he also planned to produce stock stills and a demo video for his portfolio. We're delighted he selected our DryZone pack for the motion piece.

But shoot day quickly turned into what Craig calls classic mayhem.

"I had lined up an incredible, 5'8" model from Cebu (central Philippines) for the story," he says, "but she jammed just as the assistant rolled into the driveway with the rented van."

With gear assembled, an assistant waiting and his model nowhere in sight, there was no choice but to recast the story. The trick was to find someone who was tall enough to keep their head and shoulders above water.

Stumped, Craig finally stepped in to act out as well as shoot the piece. He scouted his scenes at the beautiful Hidden Valley Springs Resort in Laguna. He rigged gear and set cameras, then dashed back and forth through each scene a few times to fill the shot list for the promo reel. Checking the footage, he'd adjust the rigging and then dash back for another take.

Later, during post, he and composer/son Chris Pulsifer, conjured up the idea to use 'bag sounds' -- the pack's zipper and hardware -- to lay down a percussion track in a style the two dub 'Ambient Schtick'. We think it's pretty cool.

FoundFolios picked up the story and interviewed Craig about the project. And if you missed seeing the video when we posted it on Facebook, check it out!

Craig's Gear

DryZone 200

DryZone 200

Craig uses the DryZone 200. While he has come to trust that it will protect his gear and keep everything safe and dry, he really put it through its paces on this project. When asked what his favorite part of the shoot was, Craig replied:

"Finding out that Lowepro's DryZone bag is really waterproof - even after backflips into the pool and an hour under the falls."

Craig Pulsifer


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Craig Pulsifer

"I love the reveal. Not the 'Big Reveal' where a magician whips back his kerchief to show a rabbit. No, I'm talking about those momentary glimpses into humanity; when cold water pours over a parched lip, when smoke rolls from the mouth of a laughing man, or as a kid lets go, airborne from a rope swing. Whether it's stills or motion/audio, for me it's about sharing the moments in a layered tapestry of life's details."

Travel, documentary and humanitarian photographer Craig Pulsifer has a penchant for visual storytelling. A contributor to Aurora Photos, Craig has pounded through 40 foot swells aboard the Bluenose II, done a 'backsmacker' from waterfalls 50 feet high and had a 120-foot pine tree dropped on his head by a logger. His subsequent career path into Forest Engineering was cut short after being environmentally enlightened by an enraged grizzly bear; an epiphany that exposed his deep love for storytelling.

From this fertile background, he has cultivated the ability to use text and images to communicate with people in their respective dialects: from loggers to lawyers and newborn to statesmen.

With papers, shots and bags at the ready, Craig Pulsifer is available for assignment on most parts of the globe.



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