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Julien Heon: Immortal Moments

Featured Pro Photographer: Julien Heon

Julien Heon


Montreal-based photographer Julien Heon travels the world in search of those "immortal" moments that occur in surfing, skiing, cycling and Olympic sports. For more than ten years, Julien has covered action sports along with commercial and fashion photography. He comes by his interest in photography quite naturally – his family runs an art gallery in Quebec and he counts many successful athletes among his friends. Check out our profile on this Canadian shooter with an affinity for capturing action.

Photographer Q & A

Describe the moment or event that inspired you to become a photographer.

My parents have an established art gallery in Quebec, so I always had an interest in everything artistic. With a sports background and many friends being successful in sports, photography was the proper way to immortalize those moments.

What was the best advice you received from a fellow photographer?

To be patient overall. Patient for the right moment to shoot, but also patient for the right things to happen in life.

Most unusual item in your camera bag?

That depends…unusual for whom? You could find Air Duster cans in my bag as I get on beaches a lot and sand is often in the way, or hand warmers to keep the battery warm when shooting in the cold. They get unusual when seen in the opposite setting (hand warmers on a beach, really? why?).

Tell us what you like about using the Toploader Pro 75 AW.

The ease of access is amazing. I often shoot in places where I don't want my camera to be out there when I am not using it. A dusty beach for example. The Toploader is a good tool to keep my camera accessible, yet protected.

Is there any aspect of the business of sports and action photography that surprised you?

Photography is very competitive, but when you travel and meet fellow photographers, there is a family spirit that you might not find when working at home. Healthy competition is always nice.

Can you share a tip for grabbing a good motion shot?

Well, the idea in sports/motion photography is to stop that motion. You might need to get your ISO higher in order to achieve that. Then, I would say try different things, and do not erase anything on the camera. Who knows what you get in your trials when you sit on the computer. I often find amazing images weeks after a shoot when I have a second look at my shots.

Tell us about a new hardware or accessory toy you're excited about.

I have been shooting more and more with GoPro cameras. They are incredible. I try to carry my camera everywhere with me, but sometimes it is impossible. These lightweight and hi-resolution cameras are perfect for that.

What next project are you looking forward to shooting?

Some more surf. I'm looking at North Shore, Hawaii with a lot of excitement.

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Julien Heon
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See more sports and action images of Julien Heon on his web site (http://www.julienheon.com/) or follow him on Facebook:

Featured Pro Photographer: Julien Heon

Featured Pro Photographer: Julien Heon

Featured Pro Photographer: Julien Heon

Featured Pro Photographer: Julien Heon

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