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Nick Nichols is a passionate advocate for conservation — a passion we share. He spoke with us about his collaboration with Dr. Jane Goodall and their quest to provide a safe haven for neglected and abused chimpanzees. We're awed by his images, humbled by his sacrifices — and hope you are inspired by this glimpse into one of his many important projects.

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In 1980, Nichols photographed Dian Fossey's famed Mountain Gorillas. This project would forever change his career, and lead him to one of his long-time inspirations, Dr. Jane Goodall.

In 1989, Nick traveled with Goodall, documenting her life and the chimps they encountered. They published a book, Brutal Kinship, and over the years have worked together on articles for National Geographic.

When my book on the Virunga Mountain Gorillas was published, Jane contacted me. “What about chimps?” she said. This was the beginning. She took me under her wing — and she taught me that chimps are a metaphor for how we look at the rest of the world

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If you want to help, contact the Jane Goodall Institute.



Nick Nichols

"It's no longer enough to shoot just for fun. The world is in peril. There needs to be a purpose. People need to learn that they can exploit our planet's resources, and conserve them at the same time. And when you have a medium like National Geographic your preaching can go beyond the choir."

The “Indiana Jones of Photography”, Nick Nichols is Editor-at-Large for National Geographic Magazine. He has been featured in Rolling Stone, Life, American Photographer and Geo. He’s teamed up with biologist and conservationist J. Michael Fay to document the impact of the ivory trade on the elephants in Chad; and covered Fay’s Megatransect, a 15-month, 1200 mile journey across central Africa.

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