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Featured Pro Photographer: Nick Didlick

Nick Didlick

Photographer Q & A

Describe the moment or event that inspired your decision to become a photographer.

I started my work life working in a sawmill (wow, this is a long time ago) where I helped an injured worker get to the hospital. This made me reconsider my future work options. I had discovered photography and the darkroom in high school, but had never considered it a career option. But after the mill incident, I went and begged for a job with the local newspaper. From there I just hung onto my camera straps and was taken on an amazing journey.

What is your favorite photography tip to share with other photographers?

Stop, think, see and be creative.

Favorite photography book and why?

The Photo Illustration by Bert Stern. When I was starting out as a young photographer, this book was pure inspiration into the world of commercial photography and creative thinking.

Most unusual item you keep in your camera bag?

A bandana (for camera and lens cleaning, first aid and lots of other stuff), a pocket level, a whistle and an X-Rite Color Pocket Checker.

What's the best advice you ever received from a fellow photographer?

Find another profession. (I am forever glad I ignored that advice!)

Name a geographical place that you'd love to return to or go to for an assignment.


What photography project or assignment has been most meaningful for you and why?

I am often asked this question and I have many projects and assignments to choose from. But these change with time, world events and people I am with. I think the best project is the one I am working on at that moment. I would hate to choose just one as I think my most meaningful assignment/project is yet to come.

If you could publish a book on any photographic subject, what would it be?

Passion (for life).

What's in your camera bag right now?

Ha! It's empty and ready to be filled with all sorts of goodies I will need for my next assignment.

What do you love about your Lowepro bag(s)?

I am addicted to camera bags and especially backpacks—and I have so many bags for the different types of travel and assignments I do. What I love about Lowepro bags is that the inserts can be formed into personalized pockets for my gear and other items I will need when shooting or traveling on assignment.

Visit Nick Didlick's web site to learn more about his work, consulting services and upcoming lectures at: www.nickdidlick.com.

Nick's Gear:

  • CompuRover AW
  • Pro Trekker 400 AW
  • Limited Edition Flipside 500 AW (Nick received this pack along with the other 700 accredited photographers at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.)

  • CompuRover AW Pro Trekker 400 AW Limited Edition Flipside 500 AW

    Featured Pro Photographer: Nick Didlick

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    Nick Didlick

    Featured Pro Photographer: Nick Didlick

    Nick Didlick is a photographer, photo consultant and web designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. He has traveled the world on assignments for a variety of publications. In 1994, he spearheaded the transition into digital photography for the Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers (the first in the world to do so) with a $17,000 digital camera that had a 1.3 mega pixel sensor. When he's not fly fishing in a beautiful and remote location, Didlick lectures on all things related to digital photography.

    Featured Pro Photographer: Nick Didlick

    Featured Pro Photographer: Nick Didlick

    Featured Pro Photographer: Nick Didlick

    Featured Pro Photographer: Nick Didlick


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