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S&F™ Series: Multimedia Photographer

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For the Multimedia Photographer

Do you find the news or does it find you? Both. Most days, you need to go light, but be smart with the gear you carry. You might record sound to post a webcast. Some days the content you gather makes you a kind of "run-and-gun" documentarian. When your editor calls and tells you to change locations, you (and your kit) are ready. Being equipped with a modular carrying solution that adapts to your every move is the key to your success.

The Ideal Multimedia Photographer set-up includes:

S&F™ Technical Harness with S&F™ Light Utility Belt, S&F™ Slim Lens Pouch 75 AW & 55 AW, S&F™ Audio Utility Bag 100, S&F™ Laptop Utility Backpack 100 AW, S&F™ Lens Exchange Case 200 AW and S&F™ Transport Duffle Backpack

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