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S&F™ Series: Sports Photographer

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S&F Series™ for the Sports Photographer

Tour de France. FIFA World Cup. Masters Golf Tournament. Royal Ascot. The world's sporting events — big and small, grand and intimate — are your domain. You need to be nimble, but at-the-ready for each second that sends thrills to the crowd. Some editors want images right as they happen. Some deadlines give you time to review your work first. Whatever the situation, you need a fast and flexible modular carrying system to help you grab those amazing and record-breaking moments.

The ideal Sports Photographer set-up includes:

S&F™ Light Utility Belt, S&F™ Slim Lens Pouch 75 AW & 55 AW, S&F™ Utility Bag 100 AW, S&F™ Laptop Utility Backpack 100 AW, S&F™ Transport Duffle Backpack and S&F™ Bottle Pouch

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