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The modern portable studio solution

When we design a bag for studio photography, we think of you and your tasks.

Which solution is right for you? Let's walk through a couple of scenarios and find out...

The Pro on the Go

You shoot in the studio and out on location, so you need an easy-to-transport, "working" bag that gives you fast access to your gear. Often you're alone, or with a small and tight team of assistants and stylists. You have a client or two who like to see images right away (and you want to please them). You like the freedom to "move the set" when the occasion arises—no matter what the weather.

Our Magnum AW series fits the bill:

  • Features Lowepro's classic combo of durable exterior fabrics and super-thick interior padding with a flexible, adjustable divider system
  • Comes with the patent-pending Vertebral Tech™ shoulder strap, a breakthrough design that conforms to the shape of a shoulder and offers superior comfort—no matter how you wear it
  • Designed with a premium molded base that provides stability, water-resistance and ability to stack in multiples
  • Includes Lowepro's patented, built-in All Weather AW Cover™ that serves as a raincoat for your gear and zips away when not in use
  • The largest model (Magnum 650 AW) includes a laptop sleeve with an integrated sunshade; you can use the top of the bag as impromptu work station to download images on the spot
  • Features a trolley sleeve and handcart straps for smooth portability from location to location, or while traveling with gear

Here's what Lowepro designer Kevin Crandall has to say about the Magnum AW series:

"We designed the Magnum AW to serve as the essential toolbox for professional photographers. It really delivers on protecting, storing and transporting pro gear from point A to point B."

The Magnum AW series is available in 3 sizes: Magnum 200 AW, Magnum 400 AW, and Magnum 650 AW.

If your work takes you all over the world and you prefer to roll with your extensive gear, this next series is ideal. Does this sound like your shooting style?

The Globetrotter

You travel. A lot. Airports—large and small—can sometimes feel like second homes. You like travel to be hassle free and you would love to carry your gear in a bag that doesn't scream "I have expensive camera gear right here!" Often, especially in exotic and remote locations, the perfect shot presents itself while you're on the move. And very often, you have to hop on a puddle jumper to get to the assignment and need things to be as flexible as possible.

Our Pro Roller x-Series is the ticket:

  • Includes Lowepro's super-thick padding with adjustable divider system on the inside and the refined, yet sturdy details of luxury luggage on the outside
  • Comes with Lowepro's Lock & Go System™ of security: a retractable cable connects universally to an official Travel Sentry™ lock (recognized by TSA) and secures all main zippered compartments in one streamlined operation while you travel—or leave bag unattended
  • Lowepro's exclusive Reserve Pack was created to let you downsize in a flash and carry gear on a small aircraft while hard case is zipped closed and stored or checked in
  • Premium wheels in custom housings are placed at the sides of the bag to provide superior stability and efficiency; they can be removed and replaced with an Allen wrench
  • The exclusive TelePod™ Handle is retractable, features left-right operating buttons, and serves as a makeshift lighting platform or tripod mount
  • Features a Hideaway Tripod Mount™ that secures a tripod or monopod to the front or side of the roller

Here's what journalist and wildlife photographer David Cardinal thinks of our newest rolling camera bag:

"I've been blown away by the versatility of the new Pro Roller x200. It not only holds the gear I need for most of my trips—my Nikon 200-400 f/4, Nikon 70-200 f/2.8, 2 pro DSLR bodies, flash, teleconverters, a couple shorter zooms, filters and cables—but still fits nicely in the overhead compartments of all the full-sized jets I've been on (from 737s to 777s). And for regional jets, I easily can gate-check the hard case and carry on the removable backpack section with all my gear intact. It is definitely the single most versatile bag I've owned."

"The first time I took my Lowepro Pro Roller x200 on a plane I worried about whether it would fit overhead. I didn't have to worry for long though."

"Here you see me loading it in an overhead bin on a 777 before heading to the North Woods of Michigan."

"And it fits in the preferred orientation of wheels facing down and out of the bin to help save room for other passengers."

David Cardinal is digital photography journalist and wildlife photographer who specializes in North American mammals and birds. His images have appeared in several galleries and numerous publications such as Outdoor Photographer, PC Magazine, Western Birds and Bay Nature. David co-authored the book The D1 Generation with Moose Peterson.

The Pro Roller x-Series is available in 3 sizes: Pro Roller x100, Pro Roller x200 and Pro Roller x300


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