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Terraclime Series

The Eco-Chic, Multi-Purpose Camera Bag

The style is modern, urban and versatile—not your typical camera bag silhouettes. Terraclime makes an ideal carrying solution for anything from a compact digital camera, GPS, smartphone or MP3 player…to a DSLR in the shoulder bag model (comes with a protective camera wrap tucked inside).

The substance is eco-conscious—over 95% of Terraclime is made from recycled materials. From the exterior fabric and spacer mesh, right down to the hardware, which is made of plastic regrind (unused scraps from the factory floor) repurposed as sturdy buckles and loops. A portion of each purchase goes directly to Polar Bears International (PBI) to help in their efforts to save polar bear habitats from the impact of climate change. Watch the video.

The exterior fabric of Terraclime is 100% post-consumer, recycled Cyclepet® fabric, the equivalent of 3.5 to 22 PET bottles, depending on the size of bag.

Terraclime 100 Terraclime 50
Terraclime 100 Terraclime 50
Terraclime 30 Terraclime 10
Terraclime 30 Terraclime 10

Kennan Ward Polar Bear photo

Learn more about polar bear and arctic habitat conservation, plus what you can do to help at: www.polarbearsinternational.org

All colors & sizes may not be available in all countries. Check with your local distributor for availability.


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