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Drone Flying Into The Forest

Fascinating, fun, and soaring in popularity, drones and quadcopters are providing the world with unique perspectives and microcosms of new hobbies and technologies. From models perfect for aerial photography like the DJI Phantom to the FPV Racers, and even custom 3D printed versions, drones have become commonplace around the Lowepro office. Like many others, we just can't get enough of this flying technology in the palm of our hands.

DroneGuard Series -

Drone Protection For Drone Pilots By Drone Pilots

DroneGuard 400

DroneGaurd 400

Get flexible organization for your quadcopter and drone gear -- including all accessories. The DroneGuard 400 case fits the depth and form factor of the DJI Phantom, 3DR Solo and similar sized drones, quadcopters and flying cameras.


DroneGuard 300

The DroneGuard 300 case fits the depth and form factor of the Parrot Bebop, FPV 250 racing drones and similar sized quadcopters and flying cameras.


DroneGuard Kit

The DroneGuard Kit is more than a simple carrying case for drones, it is an inventive system of dividers that helps manage all quadcopter and action video gear. Unique and highly functional, this kit goes beyond a “pick-and-pluck” and offers users a perfect, out-of-the-box solution.


Drone Stories

Drone Stories with Petr

Petr Jan Juracka

Petr is known as a man who gets things done. So when we asked him to test the DroneGaurd CS 400 he took the request seriously. He decided it was time to follow a long running idea he had to fly from a remote rock in Czech Nation Park, and that’s just what he did. The results are pretty impressive. See Petr’s amazing video and get a behind the scenes look on the Lowepro blog.