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Spirited photographer Kt Miller aspires to have her work highlight the immense beauty of the natural world and inspire others to spend more time outside, plus take action to protect the environment. Her passion as an active conservationist was nurtured in her childhood – not too hard to believe as she grew up among the bison, bears and wolves of the Greater Yellowstone region.

Her photography has taken her near and far from her home base of Bozeman, Montana. She has captured some of the world's most talented skiing and climbing athletes such as Jon Krakauer, Ralph Backstrom and Kasha Rigby. And her own skill in backcountry skiing has taken Kt – with camera – on many first descents in Greenland, Alaska, Romania and her backyard of Southwest Montana. Kt has worked with Polar Bears International in their education efforts and used her photography of the Arctic to help expand awareness of climate change.



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