Finding the right bag for
your mirrorless camera

Guide to Mirrorless Camera Bags

Ever since mirrorless cameras emerged onto the photography scene they have been picking up momentum. CSC (compact system camera) cameras come in a broad range of models offering something for everyone whether a beginner, enthusiast or a professional. When it comes to protecting your mirrorless camera there are almost as many options in camera bags as there were for selecting the camera itself. That is why we are here to help.

Whether shooting with a Sony A6000 or the Panasonic GH4 there are several things to consider when looking for the perfect camera bag.

  1. What style of bag are you looking for?
  2. Where Are You Going?
  3. What will you be bringing?

While none of these questions are independent from the others it is important for you to identify which is the most important to you.

Camera Backpacks

The most popular style of camera bag, camera backpacks generally provide long lasting comfort, a large carrying capacity of both camera and personal gear and are ideal for many for many locations like when out hiking or exploring a new city.

Just For Camera Gear

Quick Easy Access For All Your Gear

ProTactic BP 250 AW

When your main focus is carrying all the camera gear you may need for a day of on location shooting, look no further than the ProTactic BP 250 AW. This tactical style camera backpack has room for your mirrorless camera like the Sony A7 II, 3-4 extra lenses or flashes, up to an 11" laptop, your smartphone, and small accessories or personal items. It will stay comfortable even after wearing it all day and give you quick easy access to your gear on the fly.

Outdoor & Hiking

The Perfect Combination Of Camera Gear & The Days Essentials

Photo Sport 200 AW

Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or just enjoy light hikes, you know that it is important to carry a balance between your camera equipment and personal gear. That is where a camera backpack like the Photo Sport 200 II AW is at its best. Easily carry your mirrorless system like the Panasonic Lumix, an extra lens or flash, a 2-liter hydration pouch (not included) and extra gear such as a bike helmet, jacket, snacks, sunglasses and more. The bottom side access pocket allows quick access to your camera while the UltraClinch system keeps it safe. Carry everything you need for running, hiking, biking or even just strolling through a park.

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Vacation & Travel Photography

Versatility For Changing Needs

Photo Hatchback 16L

Much like exploring the outdoors, when you are traveling you often need a pack that can carry more than just your camera equipment, in-fact occasionally you don't want to bring you camera gear at all (just don't complain when you miss that perfect shot). In these cases a camera bag like the Photo Hatchback 16L can be perfect. Capable of caring your mirroless camera system like the Samsung NX500, 2-3 extra lenses or flashes, a tablet, water bottle and personal items, or you can remove the padded camera box and convert the pack into a roomy daypack. Whatever the needs of your day, you can be ready with this adaptable system.

Sling Camera Bags

Transit Sling 150

Many photographers prefer sling camera bags because of their lightweight design, the easy access to gear, comfort while wearing, and modern style. Usually smaller than backpacks, sling bags allow you access to your gear without removing the bag and allow for easy maneuverability in crowded streets, trains, and airports.

Everyday Sling

Quick Access, Optimum Maneuverability, & The Right Amount Of Space

Slingshot Edge 150

The Slingshot Edge 150 AW is the perfect camera sling bag for mirorrless cameras like the Nikon 1, an extra lens, small tablet (like and iPad Mini) as well as personal gear. The slim profile allows you to easily maneuver through busy streets and public transit, while the fast access side pocket allows you to get to your camera at a moments notice. Equally ideal for a day of roaming in a new city or your everyday commute the Slingshot Edge provides exceptional comfort and remarkable protection for all your gear and devices.

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Travel Sling

Classic Style In a Multi Dimensional Bag For Your Changing Needs

Passport Sling

The Passport Sling provides a wide range of adaptability, which is perfect when traveling. The impact-resistant and removable camera insert adjusts to fit the needs of your gear like the mirrorless Leica M, and extra lens or flash. This camera sling bag goes well beyond just your camera gear. The cradle fit pocket protects your tablet, while the expandable interior compartment allows you to adjust the bag size to fit the amount of personal items you need to bring with you. This incredibly adaptable bag can allow you to carry a wide range of personal gear along side your camera, or no camera at all should you choose.

Camera Shoulder Bags

Transit Sling 150

One of the most popular style of bags, camera shoulder bags offer top loading access to you camera and equipment as well as comfort and style many people prefer over backpacks or sling bags. These bags, also known as messenger bags, come in a wide range of sizes allowing you to find the optimal fit for your gear.

Discrete Messenger

Streamlined, Lightweight & Easy To Carry

Event Messenger 100

The Event Messenger 100 is an all-access shoulder bag designed to fit your complete camera kit, while remaining discreet and not shouting “camera bag”. It is large enough to fit a mirrorless camera similar to the Fujifilm X-T1, 2-3 extra lenses or a flash and 2 lenses, as well as personal items and accessories. The quiet-mode flap provides hook/loop fasteners that may be folded to go from maximum-security mode to quick quiet access. The Event Messenger 100 is the ideal combination of space, comfort, and style.

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The Classic Shoulder

Refined Classic Case

Scout SH 140

An homage to refined classic cases, the Scout SH 140 provides serious protection, a spacious carry capacity, and style. It is specifically designed for mirrorless cameras like the Panasonic G7, 2 extra lenses, a small tablet like an iPad Mini, as well as personal items and accessories. Crafted of cotton-like Vintage Cotna 600D polyester this shoulder bag is well padded to protect against bumps and abrasions as well as being water resistant. The detachable shoulder strap comes with included extra pad for extra comfort for those long days of carrying your camera. Engineered specifically for mirroless cameras, the Scout SH 140 provides a classic look, extraordinary protection, and long lasting comfort.

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