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"For me, the choice of the bag is of the same importance as choice of the lens. As I travel for adventures in some of the world’s most remote places, I have no room for mistakes. So I need to know, that whatever is happening, my gear is safe. (By the way, I would appreciate feeling as safe as my gear sometimes...)”


Petr Jan Juračka

Aerial Video, Nature, Science, Microphotography, Adventure

Petr is a true Renaissance man when it comes to imagery; he experiments with a wide range of photography. His work as the science photographer (and teacher) at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague engages him in the demanding techniques of magnifying the natural world with the use of electron and light microscopes.

But his heart is in nature, and not in the lab. Therefore, he travels quite often to very remote locations to capture nature with his camera. Petr's recent expeditions lead him to Greenland, South Africa, Mongolia, Cuba and Lake Baikal, where he took a shot for the cover of a Paulo Coelho book.

Petr is also a self-proclaimed drone maniac. With his friends, he built several drones and tested them along the Nile River in Uganda. He won an International DJI photography contest and received his Phantom as a prize... hence he is out with his drone and DroneGuard Backpack 450 AW quite often!


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