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For over fifty years, our evolutionary camera bags, backpacks and cases have been on countless adventures and mastered a wide range of climates and conditions in the most remote parts of the world.

Doing so, we grew with experience. Today, passionate photographers, videographers, and content creators like you trust Lowepro to protect and organize their gear on their creative endeavors.

We are thrilled about the next adventures you will take us on.  

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…began in a small shed in Colorado in 1967 with Greg Lowe’s creation of the first internal-frame backpack.  Since then, Lowepro has travelled the world on the backs and shoulders of passionate photographers, content creators and travellers.


Our studio in Petaluma, just North of San Francisco, is home to a small but dedicated design team that obsesses over form factors, materials and aesthetics.  After onerous tests in our lab, our designers embark on extended backpacking trips, often right here in our backyard, to assess all aspects of their new designs.  They return with bags full of ideas, stories to tell and photos to share.


For over 50 years, we have dedicated ourselves to a single goal: to design the most trusted and popular camera bags active creatives can rely on in any type of adventure.
Developed by our committed design team in close collaboration with our customers and community of photographers, our bags are subjected to intense tests in the laboratory and field and crafted to meet your individual needs.


Just like a good content creator relies on close relationships with his subjects, we at Lowepro rely on the integrity and strength of our friendships with like-minded partners who are as passionate about photography and the Great Outdoors as we are.


As an accomplished mountain climber and adventure photographer, our founder Greg Lowe developed ground-breaking backpack innovations that have become well-established industry standards over the years.

His passionate dedication as a storyteller as well as his inventiveness and genuine love for the Great Outdoors continues to inspire us in our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship.


Our evolutionary designs elevate the way you carry, protect and organize your gear.

1967 - Internal Frame Backpack

Greg Lowe creates the first internal frame backpack in his garage in Colorado. This breakthrough design helped packs fit close to the back and minimize load shifting so gear-wearing adventurers can climb, bike, ski and more with ease.

1972 - Soft-Sided, Protective Camera Bag

We introduce the world's first soft-sided, foam-padded camera bag. Purpose-built for photographers and cinematographers, this design was made to protect valuable camera gear from bounces, abrasion and moisture.

1977-1985 - Innovation Continues

We continue to change the camera bag industry with design innovations including the first use of lightweight plastic buckles and the invention of an ergonomic shoulder strap design.

1992 - All Weather AW Cover™

We originate the revolutionary All Weather AW Cover. Like a raincoat for gear, this patented, built-in cover protects valuable equipment and personal items from rain, snow, dust and sand.

1993 - SlipLock™

Our design team creates the SlipLock System, a modular system of pouches, cases and tripod holders designed to expand carrying capacity and increase gear access. SlipLock is now featured in our ProTactic II series.

2005 - Quick Side-Access

We unveil quick side-access in a unique sling pack that can be rotated to the front of the body and go from carry mode to ready mode one swift action.

2013 - MaxFit System Dividers

We innovate with a system of adjustable interior dividers for maximum gear capacity. This micro-fitting structure makes it easy to closely pack pro bodies, large lenses and all essential accessories while maintaining superior protection.

2014 - ActivLift System™ & ActivZone System™

We unveil 2 new harness designs that provide targeted support and comfort. ActivLift is featured in our heavy-load-lifting pack designs while ActivZone adds comfort for professional shooters on the move.

2015-2016 - Lowepro + Drones

We introduce our first carry solutions designed especially for drones and quadcopters. These bags meet the unique shape, protection and accessory needs of flying cameras and their operators.

2018 - QuickShelf™

Our designers disrupt the interior organization landscape with the introduction of QuickShelf. This adaptive interior divider system unfolds into a 3-tier shelf or snaps flat to remove for open interior space for quick, easy storage and customization.

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