Built for Speed!

Drone backpacks and cases built to carry, organize and protect FPV racing quadcopters & accessories.

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FPV Racing Drones


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  • QuadGuard BP X2LP37011-PWW

    sku: LP37011-PWW

    QuadGuard BP X2


    Comfortable and protective FPV quad racing backpack, built to trek to any location, with interior and exterior mounting locations.

  • QuadGuard KitLP37012-PWW

    sku: LP37012-PWW

    QuadGuard Kit


    FormShell™ construction is featured in this inventive, highly portable and flexible dual-case kit, built to protect and carry your drone, plus transmitter and accessories.

  • QuadGuard TX WrapLP37009-PWW

    sku: LP37009-PWW

    Purpose-built wrap guards your radio transmitter control sticks and prevents damage from abrasion and impact.