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Arthur Ward


Arthur is a professional content creator with a keen interest in Sport. His goal is to help tell an athlete's story by impacting the way it is seen, heard, and remembered through stunning imagery whether it be still photography or motion through film. He's often inspired by the work of Blair Bunting, Joel Grimes and Kiriako Iatridis.


Craig Pulsifer

Ontario, Canada

Craig Pulsifer is an adventure photographer who has survived 40-foot swells aboard a schooner, back-smacking from waterfalls 50 feet high, and an environmentally enlightening encounter with an enraged grizzly bear (this epiphany exposed his deep love for storytelling).


Daisy Gilardini

British Columbia, Canada

Photographer Daisy Gilardini is a Swiss native who now calls British Columbia, Canada her home. From her first, "serious" photo trip to India in 1989 to her current focus on polar regions, Daisy has logged many miles and filled many memory cards with images from more than 70 countries. She has been a part of more than 60 expeditions to the Polar Regions. Her passion for the natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to bring awareness on environmental issues.


David & Quin Cheung

Alberta, Canada

Dave and Quin Cheung are a husband and wife wedding photography team. Their unique command of light and moment has garnered an international clientele who have brought them around the world to document their lives and loves.


Glenn Bartley

British Columbia, Canada

Glenn Bartley is a professional nature photographer from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. He focuses almost all of his efforts on capturing intimate images of birds in their natural habitat. Glenn is especially well known for his portraits of rare and difficult-to-photograph birds from the Neotropical Region, and his portfolio of hummingbird images.


Guy Fattal

Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Guy Has always been passionate about photography and sports, in particular skiing. This along with his love of people, travel and nature constantly drives him to explore and experience new horizons. Guy grew up in the hills surrounding Jerusalem in Israel. Being raised in a small country with so many different cultures and religions is what pushes Guy to explore the world, especially the vast mountain ranges and the warm camaraderie of the extreme sports world. Guy is currently based in Whistler, British Columbia.


Jeff Hinman

Alberta, Canada

Jeff Hinman was born and raised in Lethbridge Alberta. Jeff has been exploring Alberta since he was knee high to a duck. Jeff started dabbling in photography and hasn't been able to put his cameras down since. He's dipped his toes in many styles of photography from commercial, realtor and to events, but his true passion is capturing the many forms of landscape. One of his favourite things to do is hop in his truck and hit the open road. Jeff truly loves Alberta's beauty, whether it's tucked away in the Rockies or laying in a wheat field watching the sun fade.


Kristian Bogner

Commercial, Sports, Fashion & Landscape
Alberta, Canada

Kristian Bogner is a 3rd-generation pro photographer, Nikon Canada Ambassador, speaker, and 3-time Photographer of the Year for Canada. Kristian's abilities take him from shooting the Olympics and extreme sports to fashion, architecture, aircraft, landscapes and expeditions all across the globe.


Matt Clark

Commercial & Documentary
British Columbia, Canada

Matt is a self-taught commercial and documentary photographer based out of Penticton, British Columbia. He fell in love with the process of documenting his travels while on the road during a ten-year career as a professional triathlete. During that decade, Matt covered more than 100 cities on four continents. His work varies in subjects—from endurance sport brands and events to adventure and travel—with a focus on capturing moments that most people would pass by.


Shawn Talbot

Commercial and Travel
British Columbia, Canada

Shawn Talbot began his photography career studying cinematography at several schools across Canada. He has spent the last 17 years working as an advertising photographer specializing primarily in marine, architectural and corporate photography. Shawn's work has been recognized by Maclean's Magazine, The Globe and Mail, National Geographic and The Smithsonian Institute. Shawn frequently travels to remote locations on a mission to capture some of the planet's most stunning natural wonders.


TOPO Films

Outdoor Sport & Adventure
British Columbia, Canada

Jordie LePage and Patrick Henry are the co-owners and creative minds behind the production company TOPO Films in Squamish British Columbia, Canada. Based in a hot bed of outdoor sport and adventure, they explore BC's endless backyard and the adventurers within it through stunning imagery captured from the air and the ground. "The mountains have a story to tell and we give them a voice."


Viktoria Haack

Adventure, Landscape and Lifestyle
British Columbia, Canada

Viktoria Haack is a Canadian-based photographer from the UK. She works in many different genres -- from landscape to portrait, wedding to event, and editorial. The environment and the capture of emotion are strong themes that run throughout her work.


Sandra Åberg

Fashion & Wedding

Sandra Åberg is an internationally acclaimed Fashion & Wedding photographer. Her work is regularly featured in magazines like Vogue Japan, Vogue Sposa Italy, Brides and many other magazines and blogs. Sandra found her strength in-between the fashion and wedding universe - combining the best of the two worlds and making real people look like out of a magazine editorial. Her work is often admired for its dreamy, romantic, pastel coloured and ethereal aesthetic and this brings her around the world to photograph weddings. She aims to create something magical and soul shaking with every new project she dives into.


Daniel Taipale

Adventure & Landscape

Daniel Taipale is a lifestyle, adventure and landscape photographer based in Finland. His passion for photography and outdoors can be seen through his images which are mostly real life moments of adventures around the world with his friends.


Samuel Taipale

Adventure & Landscape

Samuel Taipale is a full-time photographer, entrepreneur, husband and adventurer from Finland. He has a media production company with his brother. His goal is to capture images, that will have a way of bringing you along for the ride.


Elisa & Max

Landscape & Adventure

Winners of the Best Job in the World contest in Australia in 2013 (330,000 candidates from 196 countries), Elisa & Max have experienced an extraordinary adventure on the island continent that has changed their lives. Elisa, formerly a webmarketer for Club Med and Max, a fashion photographer, the duo is now dedicated to inspiring people to travel more and better, all thanks to a very visual content. Lovers of nature and animals, they are looking for outdoor adventure and eco-tourism experiences.


Gérard Trang


Gérard Trang, 33, from Paris. I work for an IT company since 8 years, and became a professional photographer 2 years ago. I feel so lucky because my 2 passions can be associated: photography and travel; I learned photography by myself 5-6 years ago and I need to explore the world to find the perfect pictures.


Gilles Reboisson


As a multi-skilled photographer, Gilles takes on all the challenges his adventures and missions bring him. Always on the road, he engaged himself physically and humanly to capture his snapshots of life that he loves above all to convey and share. A week in the wilderness followed by a shooting in the middle of an electro concert, it is this great permanent gap that gives him the creativity and energy he overflows.


John Leong

Lifestyle, Travel Photography

John is a photographer and project manager based in KL. He was the founder and publisher of the fashion & lifestyle magazine, Oxygen before turning to photography. He started in Instagram since 2011 and a moderator for the Instagram community called Instagrammers Malaysia (@IGersmalaysia). He also connects brands and Instagrammers for special projects. In 2016, he was selected amongst other 11 people in the world for Apple's Shot On iPhone campaign video category.


Frits Meyst

Adventure & Travel

Frits Meyst is an award winning Dutch adventure and travel photographer who earned his spurs as a documentary photographer in the Middle East. In 2004 he made a total transition to adventure storytelling. His work publishes worldwide in print media and on his storytelling platform


Ole Henrik Skjelstad


Ole Henrik Skjelstad is a Norwegian math teacher and landscape photographer. He got his first camera in January 2013. Ole Henrik has an affection for warm sunset/sunrise scenes and his images have been published in various magazines.


Scott A. Woodward

Adventure & Travel

Canadian-born, Singapore-based Scott A. Woodward calls his personal style "Choose Your Own Adventure Photography" after the books he used to read as a child. Literally and creatively, he can go one direction and discover a remarkable photographic opportunity; or he can go another direction and find something entirely different. It is this serendipity that is the beauty of photography for Scott.


Lukasz Warzecha

Adventure, Commercial & Editorial

Lukasz Warzecha is an adventure and outdoor photographer. He has documented the efforts of world's best athletes, shot portraits of Reinhold Messner at the London's Royal Geographical Society, mountain biked in the Outer Hebrides, and filmed short featrues. His work spans a spectrum of outdoor activities.


Luke Massey


Luke Massey is a wildlife photographer and cameraman. His stills work has been globally published and has gained success in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards, European wildlife photographer of the Year. He was named Young Environmental Photographer of the Year 2016 and won the wildlife category of Travel Photographer of the Year 2016.


Sim Mainey


Sim Mainey is a bike industry lifer. Sim uses photography to convey the joys, struggles, people and places riding bikes can take you, hoping to inspire others to do the same.


Tom Bunning


Tom Bunning is a British commercial photographer, specializing in portraiture, fashion, advertising and documentary work. With a strong affinity for British heritage, Tom enjoys shooting on location, and bringing a sense of cultural landscape to his work.


Annette White

California, USA

Annette is the author of Bucket List Adventures, a serial adventurer and creator of the award winning travel blog, Bucket List Journey, a site that encourages readers to push past the boundaries of fear.


Carrie Swails

Colorado, USA

Carrie Swails is a wedding photographer and owner of Photography Awesomesauce and Rock Your Weird. She has been photographing nerdy, costumed, offbeat weddings and speaking and educating creatives and photographers for close to a decade. Her site, Photography Awesomesauce, has helped over 8 million readers get help with their photography business.


Emily Polar

Adventure & Travel
California, USA

Lover of land and light with a knack for adventure, Emily Polar's constant curiosity keeps her exploring the wonder of life in all corners of the world. She is part nomad and part San Francisco-based.


Erika Skogg

Vermont, USA

Born and raised in Green Bay Wisconsin, Erika credits her upbringing for her resilience to freezing temperatures and propensity towards exploration. As a travel photographer, Erika strives to create images that ignite a genuine interest in the unknown, to highlight commonalities of the human element, and turn our differences into a fascination instead of fear. Her photography is represented by National Geographic Creative, and her writing also appears at National Geographic's Intelligent Travel blog. She leads domestic & international travel photography expeditions with National Geographic Expeditions and The New York Times Journeys through Cuba & Morocco, and aboard National Geographic/Lindblad ships through Alaska. She is currently working on a travel photography book on Morocco.


Frank Lopez

California, USA

Frank Lopez is an up-and-coming, self-taught photographer based in Los Angeles. He has a passion for long exposures, cityscapes and adventure-style photography. Frank is dedicated to capturing genuine moments that tell stores and engage audience rather than just displaying beautiful landscapes.


Glenn Fajota

Commercial, Editorial & Lifestyle
Virginia, USA

Glenn Fajota is based out of Norfolk, Virginia. It is his pleasure to travel the globe to shoot commercial, editorial and lifestyle assignments. His clients and assignments take him from Europe to the Caribbean, and to San Francisco and New York. Glenn delivers both experience and commitment to every project he gets his hands on. He mixes his editorial background and his love for fashion to create images ready for the front cover.


Gregg Jaden

Lifestyle and Adventure
California, USA

Gregg is a Lifestyle and Adventure Photographer/Director. Gregg believes artistic expression is one of the greatest form of contribution to our planet. He has an undeniable passion for capturing moments and storytelling using visual mediums. What inspires him most is how photography can transform the ordinary to extraordinary while leaving an impression for others to experience. His work has been featured on USA Network - TV Series "Suits", Discover LA, Earth 911, Five Prime "World's Best Photos" and CBC Canada.


Hunter Fiuzat

Underwater / Aquatic
South Carolina, USA

Hunter Fiuzat is a professional aquatic photographer. He travels to different locations around the world, photographing breathtaking aspects of nature and sea. Hunter has been shooting for almost ten years, and only trusts his gear to Lowepro.


Joseph Roybal

Landscape & Travel Portrait

Joseph Roybal is a professional landscape and portrait travel photographer based in Denver, Colorado. He is also a member of the Zenfolio Pro Team and loves leading group and private workshops sharing his knowledge and passion. He travels the globe in search of unique locations, incredible light and diverse cultures. In all of his work he strives for power and emotion through simplicity within the frame.


Karl Zoltan

Landscape, Travel, Nature
California, USA

I am a Photographer in Northern California. When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer our lives changed. We now appreciate what life has to offer more than ever. We travel together and enjoy our time taking nature photos. Life is a gift. We have so much beauty around us. My goal is to capture a brief moment in time that you may enjoy.


Kathryn Dyer

Nature & Landscape
California, USA

Kathryn Dyer is a life long Californian and nature lover who shares that love through photographs. She recently fought breast cancer, a battle that served as a reminder to enjoy every single moment and all of the beauty this life has to offer us. She does just that by exploring California with her husband and finding the next shot!


Kylie Fly

Adventure & Outdoors
Utah, USA

With a deep love for the wilderness rooted from an upbringing in Idaho, Kylie's photography goes beyond the recreational values of life on the road and adventures. Growing up in a family of eight, she learned at a very early age to appreciate nature by spending family time camping and exploring the outdoors. The days of her youth consisted of stuffing the Suburban full of outdoor gear, kids, dogs and good food for extended camping trips. Nature is in Kylie's blood. She is committed to exploring cultures and the vast spaces of the world to examine the intimacy of relationships between both people and places that we come to know and love. Based in Salt Lake City.


Laura Barisonzi

Sports, Lifestyle & Portrait
New York, USA

Laura is a NY-based photographer who strives to capture natural action and genuine emotion. She shoots sports, fitness, lifestyle, underwater and portraits. Her style is based on the beauty of real people and natural movement rather than stiff poses. Biking, running, swimming, and getting lost abroad helps her have the energy to keep up with athletes and talent for those 14 hour days on set.


Luke Pearsall

Advertising, Adventure, Travel & Lifestyle
California, USA

Luke Pearsall currently splits time between Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado where he works as a Commercial Photographer and Video Producer specializing in Adventure, Travel and Outdoor Lifestyle. Luke is a graduate of the prestigious School of Imaging Arts and Sciences at The Rochester Institute of Technology where he received a degree in Advertising Photography. Sharing stories that inspire others to get outside, travel more and make life a little more adventurous are what fuels his work and what he considers to be the greatest gift as a visual creator.


Megan Bourne

Wedding and Adventure
California, USA

Meagan is a 22-year-old Wedding and Adventure photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her photography uniquely combines people and their personalities with the great outdoors. She is passionate about experiencing new places with her camera in hand, and impacting those around her to pursue what they are passionate about.


Mic-anthony Hay

New York, USA

Mic-anthony Hay is a New York-based photographer, filmmaker, writer and Sony Alpha Ambassador. He grew up on the island of Jamaica, where he fell in love with outdoor adventure and travel. His early passion for playing soccer and documenting it in his backyard, led to him creating his first visual stories with photo and video. He focuses on using his creative skills, to share visual and written narratives of life, adventure, and travel.


Michael Hanson

Washington, USA

Michael Hanson began his photography career as a minor league baseball player in the Atlanta Braves organization. Off the field, he documented the lives of players like himself. He's been on his own for almost a decade and has won a few awards: PDN30 (2013), One of the World's Top Travel Photographers, and Images of the Year by American Photo. He's a contributing member of National Geographic Creative and his fine art work is in the Elton John Collection.


Michael Teague

California, USA

Michael Teague is, as he describes, a " photographer born from cancer". He photographs all the things he imagined he would never see or be able to do again.


Mitchel Wu

Toy Photography
Los Angeles, California, USA

Mitchel Wu is a full time toy photographer who creates images, stories and alternate universes for some of the biggest toy companies on the planet. In doing so he bridges the gap between pieces of sculpted plastic and the stories in one's head, capturing the illusion of motion and emotion where none exist. Whether defying gravity, or succumbing to it - all is fair "play" at Mitchel Wu Toy Photography.


Nathan Yan

Landscape, Travel Photography
California, USA

I work as an engineer based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, but more often you can find me out climbing up some slot canyons, getting my hopes dashed after reaching another false summit, or roll my sleeping bag out next to my astro time lapse. I formerly worked as a photo journalist and science of photography teacher as well!


Rachid Dahnoun

Adventure, Landscape & Travel
California, USA

Rachid Dahnoun combines his love of outdoor adventure with an artistic vision to create a compelling photographic journal of the natural world. From breathtaking landscapes to gritty action photos, he strives to deliver captivating content to commercial clients and magazines across the globe. When he is not traveling on assignment, you'll find Rachid at home in Lake Tahoe making bottomless powder turns, pedaling through miles of pristine trail and rarely standing still.


Ryan Struck

Portrait, Lifestyle & Surf
New York, USA

Ryan Struck is a New York based photographer shooting surf, lifestyle, underwater, sports and motion. His desire to capture images that help inspire viewers fuels his passion to combine beautiful light, people and places. He's often found in the water, near the back-country or in the snow.


Sarah Dawson

Commercial, Photojournalism and Weddings
California, USA

Sarah Dawson is a San Francisco-based destination photographer. Prefers real moments, genuine people, hearing long life stories over libations, and is rapt with the desire to create honest emotive imagery that transcends time.


Tara Shupe

Portrait & Lifestyle
Missouri, USA

Tara Shupe is a professional portrait and lifestyle photographer, with a heart for humanitarian work and a passion for all things outdoors. Tara strives to represent adventurous women in the industry and be a positive influence to all creatives by sharing her talent and knowledge with others. Tara is based in the Midwest, where you will typically find her art directing, planning adventures for The Wild Creatives, traveling for inspiration, and learning a new outdoor sport.


Willow McDonough

Aerial & Portrait
California, USA

Willow McDonough hails from San Francisco, CA and has a diverse background in video as a producer, director, and editor. Although her true loves are portrait photography, travel writing, and being a modern day gypsy. Willow is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal where she is honing her aerial photography and surfing skills.